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Projects Gizmo

The Projects gizmo allows you to create a repository of work and information relating to some activity you have accomplished.  This gizmo is found using the Gizmos tab on the toolbar.

Projects Gizmo


Next, click in your portfolio where you want the content to be placed.  Then, select from exisitng projects or choose Add New to build a new project.

Projects Gizmo Placement


Using the Projects Gizmo

When you use the Projects gizmo, a window will appear asking you to select a project that you have already made or to create a new project.  The projects help page can give you detailed information on creating a project.

Select a Project


After you make your selection or create a project, you will see the project on your portfolio page. It will have the same background image as the one you selected for the project. It will also show the title of the project. If you hover your mouse over it, you will see the edit button appear and the background will be faded.

Projects Gizmo Placeholder


Be sure to check out our pages on creating and editing projects below!

  1. Project Overview Page
  2. Adding Pages
  3. Adding Files and Other Content

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