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What is the Identity Page?

What is the Identity Page?

Building Your ID Page 2

The Identity Page provides you with the ability to construct a singular web presence where you can showcase your experiential-based projects and acts as a gateway to your other social networks.  In short, it is your online business card. 

The first time you enter your presentation account, you will be taken to your dashboard.  The main image on the dashboard is your Identity Page.  Clicking on 'BUILD IT NOW' will take you to the Identity Page editor and allow you to begin creating your identity.

Creating the Web Address for your Identity

The first step in the process is to create a unique URL for your identity.  You can share this web address with anyone you want and they will be able to quickly and easily find out more about you.  It can also be included on resumes and business cards, or shared on all of your social networks.  Simply enter the unique name you want to give your Identity Page and click 'Create My Identity Page'.  After a quick tutorial, you will be ready to create your identity.


Accessing the Editing Tools


When you are ready, click the editing tools slider in the top left corner to access the editing tools.  Here you can change templates, edit your information, select a background and font, and adjust the color scheme.

Editing Tool Slider

Packed with your important statistics and created to make you look your best, the Identity Page is a quick, easy way to let people know who you are and what you are about.  If you ever need to make adjustments to your Identity Page, use the person icon in the top black bar or click the pencil icon button on the dashboard to edit your Identity Page.


Accessing the Identity Page