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Welcome to your Foliotek Presentation account. Here we have many tools for you to organize, display, and share your most important content for professional, educational, and personal uses. Let's take a look at your new account starting from the very beginning.

Welcome to Foliotek

Here we are selecting a background and theme for your account. We have tons of stock images to choose from, or you can upload your own. It's important to note that this is only for your personal use. Nobody will be seeing this background unless you decide to use it again later. Click the checkmark once you are ready to continue.

welcomeWelcome to your dashboard. Here you can manage your ePortfolios, Projects, Identity, and Tags. Tags are the perfect way to organize and categorize your materials. You can tag ePortfolios, Projects, and your Identity page and see the breakdown of everything here! Check out our sample dashboard below.

sample data


Use the navigation tool bar at the top of your page to easily move through your account. The icons in the top left will lead you to your Dashboard, Identity, ePortfolio Management, Project Management, Communities, and Files page. You can find access to account settings, messages, and a sign-out button in the top right under your name.


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