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Adding Files to Projects

You can add one file or one image to each page of a project; and then add supporting text to the page, if desired. To add files to a new project page, click on the file or image button.

Project Page Content Options


Adding Files

Clicking on the Add Files button will bring out a sidebar on the left. Here you will have the options to select any files you have already uploaded to your account, upload new files, and add files from Google Drive. You can add images here, or using the Add Images icon.

Adding Project Page Files


Once you select or upload a file, it will display on your page. Most common file types will offer an online viewable version. This includes, but is not limited to, Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, PDFs, Power Points, common image file types, and common video file types. Any files that will not display online will offer a downloadable link. In this example, we used a Word document.

Project Page File


Adding Text

In addition to any file or other content, you can add text to the page by clicking on the pencil icon. This will give you a page title section and a textbox to explain the importance of this page in relation to your project. Text can be added to any page that contains a file or image.

Added File with Text


Adding Images

To add an image to a project, choose Image icon. A sidebar will appear on the left side displaying any images you have already uploaded. You also have the ability to upload new image files from here as well. Select an image to add it to a page.

Adding Images to Project Pages


Once you select an image, it will appear on your page. On the left, you have the options to crop and rotate the image. If you want to add text to accompany this image, use the pencil icon to add it.

Project Page Image Tools



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