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Styles (Inline)

Inline Styles allow you to apply quick styles to your page without having to navigate to the Design tab.

Applying Styles

To apply a style, simply highlight the text you wish to style and choose the style you want to apply from the Style drop-down menu.Styles (inline)

Quotes, Links, and Remove Formatting

If you wish to format your quotes differently from the rest of the text on your page, you may do so by highlighting the quote and clicking the quote button.

You can use the link button to create hyperlinks, or even next/previous page buttons for your ePortfolio.

Between the link and quote button is the remove formattting button. Whenever you copy and paste something into your ePortfolio, or decide you do not like the current formattting, just click on the remove formatting hand to get back to just simple black text.Quotes, links, and remove formattingApplying quote styling to text italicizes the text and indents the entire paragraph which is quoted.  In the example below, the middle paragraph is quoted.


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