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Creating Project Templates

Project templates are an outline to help students build projects for a specific course, assignment, or other project they may be working for. This includes question prompts, customized instructions, and resources for students to effectively create the perfect project.

Creating a Project Template

First, click on the Moderate Communities icon.

Community Moderate Button


Next, choose the community.

Choose a Community


Now, choose the Projects tab and click Add Project Template.

Add Project Templates


If you haven't yet created any templates, you will be taken directly into the project template.  If you have existing templates, you will be asked to select from an existing template or create a new blank template.

Existing or Blank Template


Adding Instructions to your Template

On the right half of this page, you can add various instructions. This includes adding books, files, images, text, questions, and embedded objects. To add something to your instructions, click one of the buttons listed under Add an Object to this Instructions Page.

Project Template Instructions


Using the book, file, or image buttons will prompt you to select the appropriate file.

Uploading Files


Using the text button will allow you to add simple text instructions.

Instructions Area Text Option


Using the question icon will give you the ability to add a question prompt. You can choose a question type using the drop-down with the options seen below.

Instructions Area Questions Option


There are three possibilities with the embeddabel object option.  The link to another page option allows you to add a button that takes the user to a different page in the Instructions area.  With the embedded website option, you can add the URL for another website.  If you use this option, the website will appear directly in the Instructions area page.  The code from another website option allows you to embed videos or objects from other websites using an embed code provided by that website.

Instructions Area Embed Options


Finally, you can add immediate feedback questions that allow you to designate correct answers that will be revealed to the student after they select an answer to the question.

Immediate Feedback Questions


Additionally, you can add more instruction pages by clicking on the Plus button under Instructions.

Create Instructions Pages


Click go to move on to the template editor.

Editing the Template

To edit a project template, click on the pencil button from the Projects tab for the template you want to edit.

Edit Project Templates


Click go to move from the instructions page to the actual project template editor. Once you are in the project template editor, you can add more guidance by adding information in the available sections. Use the Title box at the top to hint at a title or even the title you want your members to use. You can add additional pages using the Add Page button.

Adding a New Page


On the pages of the project template, you can add content such as instructions or informational material.

Adding Content



Click the check mark in the top right corner of the project when you are ready to save the template.

Saving the Template


Publishing the Project Template

From the Projects tab, find the template and click on the check mark button to publish it. You can also choose the eyeball button to preview the template and the trash button to delete it.

Publishing Project Templates


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