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Community Reports

There are currently four types of reports for your community: Historical Comparison, ePortfolio History, Project Question Report, and Random Listing. Each one of these reports gives you a tool for analyzying community member performance and development.

Finding Reports

First you will need to go to the moderate communities page. Click on the Moderator icon.

mod_iconNext, choose the community you want to run reports on.


Once you have choosen a community you will be taken to the page where you can moderate your community. Click on the REPORTS tab.  Here you will see all four reports available to you along with a description of each.comm_reports

Historical Comparrison

This report allows you to compare a user's ePortfolio on two different dates. This will be a great tool to see a students progress over a period of time.

First click on Historical Comparison.hist_compChoose your comparison dates and, optionally, add a user. If you do not enter anything in the User box, all members of the community will be listed in the report.  Then click on Generate Report.hist_comp2The result will list all ePortfolios shared during that time period. Click on one of the dates to view the ePortfolio as of that date.hist_comp3

ePortfolio History

This report will allow you to view all portfolios in a given community or an indiviual user's portfolios from a given date you specify. This will be helpful if you want to see what a portfolio looked like on a given date.

First click on ePortfolio History.eport_histNext, you will need to enter a date and, optionally, an email address for a student's account in order to look up a specific student. If you want to see all students in the community, don't enter anything in the User box.  Once you enter this information, you will need to click on the checkmark button to generate the report.eport_hist2The final Report will look like this:


Project Question Report

This report will allow you to view the answer breakdown for any questions you added to the Instructions area of a Project Template. First, click on Project Question Report.proj_questNow, choose your template from the drop-down and then click Generate Report.proj_quest2Here, you will see a breakdown of any questions you have asked. You can see which members are included in the report by clicking View Records.proj_quest3

Random ePortfolio Listing

This list allows you to generate a list of random portfolios that you can look over, or compare to other students. You can also export the generated portfolios and access the data at a later time.

First click on Random ePortfolio Listing.rand_port_listAfter you have clicked on Random ePortfolio Listing you will be taken to a page where you will fill out the number of portfolios you want compiled. You will want to enter a number that is less then the total number of members you have in your community. rand_port_list2Click on the Eyeball icon in the lower left of each listing to view each ePortfolio.rand_port_list3


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