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Active and Inactive Communities

Activating and deactivating communities is a convenient way to organize communities based on whether they are in use or not. This can be helpful for users that moderate course communities and end up having a lot of communities after a few semesters.


To make a community inactive, first click on the Moderator button to go to the Communities area.

Community Moderate Button


Next, choose the community.

Choose a Community


Click on the Settings tab. Under Active, click on the slider so it moves to Off, the community is now deactivated.

Deactivating Communities


Reactivating Communities

Click on the Moderator icon.

Community Moderate Button


Click on the Inactive link under the Academic Term filter and select the community you wish to re-activate.

Selecting Inactive Communities


Now, click on the Settings tab and then click on the slider under Active.

Reactivating a Community


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