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The dashboard acts as a hub and summary for your account. You will be able to quickly access various areas of your account, find shortcuts to creating ePortfolios and Projects, create and edit your Identity page, and view a summary of any tags you have added. Using your dashboard will be a great way to manage your content and track your progress. Below is an example of what your dashboard will look like when you first access your account.

new dashboard emptyYou can easily manage, edit, and create projects, ePortfolios, and your Identity page from here. Click on the appropriate icon to add, manage, or edit! Below you will see that the 'Plus' icon allows you to create new items, the Four Tile icon allows you to manage, and the Pencil icon allows you to edit. You can access your Identity page from the dashboard, as well as accessing the management pages for projects and ePortfolios.

ePortfolios_New Dashboard


The Dashboard has introduced Tags! Tags are a great way to track the professional characteristics that define you. After you create some ePortfolios, Projects, and your Identity page, be sure to tag them so you can see an overview on your dashboard! Check out a dashboard filled with sample data below:

Sample Dashboard

Other Information

If your dashboard looks different than the one shown above, you may have an account showing the Legacy Dashboard. You can opt into the new dashboard by clicking the banner on your current dashboard. You can also make the switch in the Account Settings area.  If you don't want to keep the new dashboard you can switch back to the Legacy Dashboard in the Account Settings area.


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