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What are the details of a portfolio structure and what does each do?

Portfolio Structure Details

The details include: portfolio name, Use "Standards", Use Courses, Use "Program Planner", Allow Sharing, Allow Students to Associate Standards, Allow students to Request Reviews, Email faculty when student requests a review, Portfolio type, and hidden portfolios.

  • The portfolio name is the title Foliotek will use to reference your portfolio structure.
  • Use "Standards" sets Foliotek to either allow standards based assessment or not.
  • Use Courses gives you the ability to allow this portfolio structure to have assingments generated through Foliotek's Courses feature.
  • Use "Program Planner" gives you the ability to use Foliotek's Program Planner feature.  This gives students the ability to plot out their course sequence. If you are not using the courses, you will most likely want to select no to avoid student confusion.
  • Allow Sharing gives you the ability to allow students to share their work with peers using their Foliotek accounts.
  • Allow Students to Associate Standards gives you the ability to turn off the feature which allows students to associate standards.  This may not be appropriate if the portfolio structure predetermines all standard associations.
  • Allow Students to Request Reviews by Faculty gives you the ability to decide whether or not to allow students to request informal reviews by faculty members.
  • If you select 'yes' for Email faculty when a student requests a review, a message will be sent to the faculty member's primary email address when any student requests for formative review of a portfolio element.
  • Portfolio Type lets you select the type of portfolio this will be.
  • This portfolio is hidden is only selected when it is necessary to hide a portfolio to allow accounts that are presentation portfolio only.
  • Maximum Individual File Size allows you to limit the size of files a student can upload.


*Selecting 'Inherit from Organization' uses the settings that have been selected to apply to your entire organization