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Foliotek Definitions

Academic term
An interval of time used to classify courses and evaluations

Assessment menu
The menu displayed on the left side of the opening screen or after clicking on the Assessment tab

A portfolio owner who is having his/her work assessed

Evaluation page
The screen used by a faculty member to score a unit of a portfolio

The description of each performance level of an evaluation

A sub-category of scoring contained within the unit of an evaluation

The third tier of Foliotek's portfolio structure; refers to the files, forms, and journals contained within a portfolio element

Overall score
A unit of a scoring guide which indicates whether or not the student has passed an evaluation

Portfolio element
The second tier of Foliotek's portfolio structure; refers to the components contained within a portfolio section

Portfolio form
A Foliotek form that is used within a portfolio structure

Portfolio section
The first tier of Foliotek's portfolio structure; refers to the main divisions of a portfolio which are listed in the Assessment menu for students

Scoring guide
A rubric used to determine performance levels, evidences, and expectations for evaluations

Proficiency benchmarks; can be referred to by another term such as objectives or goals

Student Quick Find
Search engine to access any student account

Survey form
A Foliotek form which is used as the basis for a survey

Systems menu
Menu in the upper right portion of the screen with links to Profile, Courses (if being used by your institution), Sign-Out, and Help

A division of a scoring guide; could be a standard, portfolio section, portfolio element, or overall score