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You have found your way to Foliotek's help modules. Hopefully you'll find exactly what you need to help you work in Foliotek. Below are a few videos that will help you get started interacting with Foliotek's Assessment system.

Top Questions

How do I complete an evaluation?

1. Click Evaluations, New from within the Assessment menu. Click on the evaluation you wish to complete

2. Click on each unit of the evalutation and review the listed files. Select the score(s) for that unit, add any comments and attachements if dreired*, and click OK*

3. After you have completed all units that are listed as part of the evaluation, click Submit Evaluation or Submit and Publish**; it will then be viewable by the portfolio administrator

How can I see student portfolios?

1. Enter the student's first or last name in the Student Quick Find and click the magnifying glass icon

2. Or click Advanced under the Student Quick Find to search by Name, Username, Email, Program/Group, Course, or Profile; typing in a name (and clickign on find) will find student(s) with names similar to your search criteria*