General LTI Information

Internal Foliotek Settings

  1. No Matching User

    1. Error

      1. The user will receive an error directing them to contact an administrator.

    2. Create Bill

      1. The system will automatically bill for your organization and begin the user creation process.

    3. Create Student Pay

      1. The system will require that the user pays for access.

    4. Show Login

      1. This will redirect the user to the Foliotek login screen. If the user knows their login credentials, it will map it to their LTI credentials. This is a one time process.

    5. Register

      1. This will redirect the user to our normal registration process.

        1. The user will need to purchase a Registration Code from the bookstore or through another vendor.

        2. If the system is not able to identify the organization's group code, the user will be required to provide this information.

  2. User has been Removed

    1. Error

      1. The user will receive an error directing them to contact an administrator.

    2. Restore User

      1. This will restore the user and continue with processing. If the user is also expired, the system will handle it based on the LTI Instance settings.

  3. User is Expired

    1. Error

      1. The user will receive an error directing them to contact an administrator.

    2. Extend Bill

      1. This will automatically bill the organization and allow the user immediate access.

    3. Extend Student Pay

      1. The user will be required to pay before they are able to access the system.

  4. Allowed Orgs

    1. This is a list of organizations you will allow access to your LTI Instance. In conjunction with a custom parameter, our system will be able to identify the users organization and redirect them correctly.

  5. Group

    1. This is the portfolio group code. This will need to be acquired from Foliotek. Please contact your organization's Foliotek Consultant for this code.

  6. Warning

    1. We provide the option to show your users a custom warning before entering Foliotek. This will ensure that users are aware they are leaving their portal and accessing a different system.

  7. Location

    1. Allow users to be redirected to a specific location in the system. Currently, besides the default landing page, users can be redirected to the files, ePortfolio managment, Project management, Community management, or Evaluations pages.

Foliotek provides several additional settings to enhance the LTI experience.  These are usually organizational default settings. Some are explained on the 'Connecting to Foliotek' page, but the following describes in detail all of the options that are currently available to our users.


Custom Warnings

We provide you with the option to warn users when entering our tool. This warning will inform the user that they are entering Foliotek and require them to confirm that they understand this before they proceed.

Additionally, your organization has the option to customize the warning. If this is your preference, please contact your consultant and we will enable a custom warning for your organization.


New users

Several options are available when new students enter our site from your external tool link. This will tell our system how to handle billing when we encounter a new student. You can request that your organization be billed, that the student should register with or without a registration code, or other options.


Removed and Expired users

Similar to new users, we need to know how to handle expired or removed users trying to enter the system. Again, we can bill the organization or allow the student to pay for an extension.


Organization ID

We will need to know which organization the user belongs to. This can be set by a global default setting or sent in via the LTI Request parameters. Normally, we set the default organization per LTI instance. If for some reason your students need to be sent to a different location, that information can be defined and sent in through a custom parameter. It is important that any organization you attempt to access is part of the LTI instance's allowed orgs.


Group Code

Similar to the Organization ID we may need to know the group to which the user needs access.


Storage Limit

This key defines how much space each new user will have to save files and videos on Foliotek's servers.


Time Zone

Set the default time zone to what will most accurately capture your users. This setting can be changed by the individual user later, but is helpful for new user creation.


Bill Length

Foliotek will use the bill length when setting up new users or extending current users. This will tell the system the length of time for which to bill either the organization or the student.