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How can I edit a faculty member’s personal profile information?

To change profile information for a facutly member, follow these steps:

  1. Editing Faculty Profile InformationClick on the Faculty link under Users in the left menu
  2. Type in the name or username of the faculty
  3. Click on Find
  4. Click on the Impersonate link under the faculty member's username/email address
  5. You must then agree to continue to impersonate knowing that the faculty member will be sent an email detailing your actions in their account
  6. Once in the account, open the dropdown located next to the faculty member's name in the upper right
  7. Select Profile from the list
  8. Click edit personal information
  9. Make the desired corrections in the appropriate text boxes
  10. Click OK to save the changes
  11. The Stop Impersonating link at the top of the screen will return you to your administrator account