Programs & Groups

How do I View/Edit Programs of Study associated with a program, and what purpose do they serve?

Programs of study are used to categorize courses within Foliotek. For example, a program may wish to have a designation for courses from each subject area. To view/edit the programs of study for a program, follow these steps:

  1. Click Programs & Groups from within the Assessment menu
  2. Mouse over the Actions menu next to the program name
  3. Click View/Edit Programs of Study, this will display a list of the programs of study. (Continue with these instructions if you wish to add another Program of Study.)
  4. Click +Add Program of Study
  5. Type in the name and description in the appropriate text boxes
  6. Select which courses to associate with your new Program of Study by selecting the check box(es) next to the course name(s)
  7. Click OK