Programs & Groups

How can I access a student's account from within Programs & Groups?

You can access any student's portfolio through Programs & Groups, or you can use the Student Quick Find to find any student at any time. To find a student through Programs & Groups, follow these steps:

  1. Click Programs & Groups from within the Assessment menu
  2. Mouse over the Actions menu next to the program which contains the group
  3. Click View/Edit Groups
  4. Mouse over the Actions menu next to the group name
  5. Click View/Edit Students
  6. Click Find to see a list of students in the group
  7. Click on the name of the student you wish to view. After accessing a student's account, you can perform all of the same functions as through the Student Quick Find. These include: editing profile information, locking the account, forcing a profile update, sending a message, emailing login information, accessing and adding comments to the student's portfolio, viewing the student's portfolio by standard, and accessing evaluations. For instructions on how to perform any of these functions, click on the Student Quick Find portion of this help menu (on the left side).