Scoring Guides

How can I edit my scoring guide?

After clicking on scoring guides from within the Assessment menu, four editing options are accessible by dragging your mouse over the Actions menu next to the name of the scoring guide.  The following paragraphs will describe each of these editing options.

The first link on the Actions menu is to Edit Name.  This link allows you to edit the text boxes containing the name and description of the scoring guide.  After editing the text boxes, click on OK to finish the process.


The second link on the actions menu is to Map Another Portfolio.  This link allows you to align an additional portfolio to the scoring guide.  You may wish to do this if your program has two portfolios with very similar structures.  You will first use a drop down menu to select which additional portfolio you would like to align with your scoring guide.  Then, you will map the units of your scoring guide to the appropriate portfolio section and portfolio element.  Mapping your units will tell the system which portfolio sections and elements are being scored by the units in your scoring guide.

The third link on the actions menu is to Preview.   This link allows you to preview the scoring guide.  The first screen that will appear will list the units of the scoring guide; click on the name of the unit to view its evaluation page.

The fourth link on the actions menu is to publish.  This will create a new version of your scoring guide accessible by publish date.  This feature exists to allow programs to make changes to their scoring guide without losing the ability to collect data from the old version.  You should not need to publish your own scoring guides, your consultant will generally take care of this for you.  Call him/her if you have any further questions about this feature (or anything else related to scoring guides)

If you wish to edit units within your scoring guide, read the next question.