What are the three options for portfolio submission when setting up an evaluation?

The first option is to have the portfolio submitted automatically at a set date and time.  This is the most common selection.   The system will automatically submit whatever is in the student's portfolio at the set time and date.  Students will still be able to add items to their accounts after the deadline, but they won't be seen by the evaluator.

The second option is to require students to submit their portfolios by the set time and date.   This option also allows for faculty to work on grading before the set date if the students submit their work early.  The students would click on a button to submit their portfolios when they are finished working.  This would trigger Foliotek to send the evaluation to the appropriate evaluator(s).  If the students haven't submitted their portfolios by the set time and date, the system will automatically submit it for them.

The third option is to have the students submit their portfolios with no deadline.  This could be used for a program which wishes to allow students to submit their portfolios at any time.  When the students submit their work, the evaluation will be sent to the appropriate evaluator(s).