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How do I set up a revision evaluation?

Note: This is an administrative task which faculty members may not have permission to use.  If you feel you need this feature added to your account, contact your institution's portfolio administrator.After the original evaluation has been published, follow these steps:


  1. Click on Evaluations within the Assessment menu
  2. Click on the name of the evaluation
  3. Drag your mouse over Actions next to the name of the student
  4. Click Add Revision
  5. Select the evaluators you would like to participate in the revision by clicking on +Add Foliotek Faculty Member(s) or +Add External Evaluator(s)
  6. IF you chose +Add Foliotek Faculty Member(s), click on the check box next to the evaluator(s) you wish to do a revision evaluation* and click  OK then click Next OR
  7. IF you chose +Add External Evaluator(s), type in the name(s) and email address(es) of the external evaluator(s) you wish to add and click OK then click Next
  8. Choose the units you wish to include in the revision evaluation by clicking on the appropriate check box(es) and click Next
  9. Choose the units(s) of the evaluation that each faculty member will grade by clicking on the appropriate check box(es) and click Next
  10. Select your preference for Previous Score Visibility by clicking on the circle next to the appropriate statement
  11. Select how you want the student to submit his/her portfolio by clicking on the circle next to the appropriate statement; make sure to set the date and time if necessary
  12. Select when student's will receive email notifications about this evaluation by leaving a check mark in the check box next to the appropriate statements; leave no check marks if you wish for no email to be sent
  13. IF you set up a revision for external evaluator(s) then type in any message you would like to include in the email. If you would like the email to be sent now, click on the box next to Email evaluator now letting them know they have an upcoming evaluation (external evaluators will always be emailed when the evaluation is submitted and ready for them).
  14. Click Finish


* You can do a search for faculty by clicking Find Faculty, typing in a name and/or email, and clicking  Find Faculty; this will lead to the display of only Faculty members which meet the criteria you typed in.