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How do I complete an evaluation?

How to Score Evaluations

The way you access Foliotek evaluations will depend on decisions made by your organization. If you are not sure how to access your evaluations, please contact the Foliotek administrator for your campus. Below you will find a guide on the basics of using our scoring interface.


  1. Open your evaluation (either by clicking on a student's name or a link within an email. Evaluations gen info
  2. Click on an item to score it. Evaluation overall page
  3. View/Open any documents, forms, or journals that your student haas completed in the upper portion of the page. Click in the empty box(es) to assign a score for the student. Add any comments in the comments box and click next to move on.Scoring the Evaluation
  4. If you clicked on Next, you will need to repeat these steps until you have scored the entire evaluation. The image below highlights some other features on the page.Large Evaluation Sidebar
  5. After clicking 'Summary' on the last unit, you will see a summary of the evaluation and can click back into a unit to change the score or comments. Click the green 'Complete this Evaluation' or 'Publish this Evaluation' button (whichever is shown) at the bottom.  The evaluation will not be submitted until you click this button.evaluation summarypublish
  6. The message should tell you that you have successfully completed the evaluation and that you can continue by clicking on 'next student'. Evaluation Completed
  7. Clicking on 'Evaluation List' in the top right corner will take you to the list of all evaluations ready to be scored. To view a completed evaluation, click on the completed tab.Completed Evaluations