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How can I import multiple courses?

This is an administrative tool; the portfolio administrator must set the system to allow a faculty member to use it.  If you cannot use this function and you wish to, contact your portfolio administrator.


In order to import multiple courses, an Excel spreadsheet must first be created.  It must contain fields for course number and course name.  If you would like to use this list to upload section information, you will need to include the section number and section name.  The academic term for all of the courses will be selected with a drop down menu.  In order to make full use of this feature, add a field for course description and fields describing the course sections: times, days, campus, location, instructor, and credits.  Doing this will complete all of this information within the system.  However, the optional fields could be manually entered within Foliotek.  As you create your spreadsheet, you should take notes on what is in each field as you will be telling the system which field has what information.  F1 is the first field on the left side of your spreadsheet, they continue from left to right (F2, F3, F4 etc…).  Having these notes will help you map out your fields when uploading your list of courses.


Once your spreadsheet is created and saved to your desktop follow these steps:


  1. Click on the Courses link
  2. Click on the link Import Multiple Courses
  3. Use the Browse function to locate your excel file and double click on it
  4. Fill out the Sheet Name box with the name of the sheet in your spreadsheet. Click on the circle next to Courses and Sections if you are using your spreadsheet to upload section information and click on Next
  5. Fill out your course mappings using the dropdown menus (telling the system where to find each field of information by field number on your spreadsheet) If you do not have section mappings to complete, click on Next
  6. Fill out your section mappings using the dropdown menus (you will select the academic term using the choices in the dropdown menu)
  7. Click on Next
  8. Select the sections you would like to add by clicking on the boxes next to each section (you are selecting which rows of your spreadsheet will be uploaded into the system)
  9. If you would like to add any of these sections to an existing course in Foliotek, use the dropdown menu for Existing course to select which course you would like to add it to (if you don't do so, the system will use your previous mappings to place the sections with the courses you are adding with the spreadsheet)
  10. Click on Next, review what you have added to the system and click on OK