Course Evaluations

Why does my student have a Reset link instead of a Begin Now link?

To score a course evaluation, please follow these steps:


  1. Click Course Evaluations in the left menu (this name may change based on your organization preferences)
  2. Click on the Section & Course that you would like to evaluate
  3. Locate the student you would like to evaluate and click 'Begin Now' under the status column
  4. Click each unit of the evaluation, review files uploaded by the student and select the score(s) for that unit.
  5. Add any comments and attachments*, and click OK
  6. After you have completed all units that are listed as part of the evaluation, click on the link to Submit Evaluation or Submit and Publish.  Submit completes the evaluation. Submit and Publish completes the evaluation and makes the scores viewable in the student account.

* You can attach a file to the section of the evaluation by using the Browse button, double clicking on the file you wish to attach, and clicking on the Attach file button.