Opening Screen

What is the To-Do List?

The To-Do list provides the user with a list of tasks which need attention.  Certain actions in Foliotek will automatically create a To-Do item.  For example, if you have an evaluation coming up, a To-Do item will automatically appear.  It will tell you to prepare for that evaluation.  These items must be manually checked off once they are completed.


A To-Do item that has a due date that has either passed or is approaching its due date will appear in red.

You can also add your own To-Do's to the the list.  To do so, follow these steps:


  1. Click on the Add To-Do Item button
    Add To-Do Item button
  2. Give your To-Do item a title and description in the provided text boxes
  3. Give your To-Do item a due date using the calendar icon
  4. Click the OK button
    OK Button