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Uploading Files

Where can I upload my files?

Files can be uploaded using three methods.  You can upload files into your Files storage area, or you can upload them directly into an element of your assessment portfolio.  If you upload directly into the element of the portfolio, the file will also be accessible from the Files storage area.

You can also upload files directly into your personal portfolio.  See the Personal area of the help menu for instructions on how to do so.

Files can be uploaded in two ways.  These ways are:

  1. Into your Files repository
    • To upload a file into your Files repository, follow these steps:
      1. Click on Files at the top of the page
  2. Directly into an Element of an Assessment portfolio
    • This uploads the file to your Files repository and then links it to the element in which it was uploade (This is the same as uploading the file to your Files repository and then linking it to an element using the Add existing File option)
    • To upload directly into an Element of your Assessment portfolio, follow these steps:
      1. Click on the name of the portfolio Section
      2. Click on the name of the portfolio Element
      3. Click the + Add File button
      4. Confirm the Upload new file option is selected
      5. Click the Next button
      6. Click the +Add Files button to find the file(s) on your computer
      7. Highlight the file(s) you wish to upload
      8. Click the Open button to upload your files
      9. Give the file a friendly name by clicking on the rename link (this is the name Foliotek will use to store the file)
      10. Click the green OK button