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Community Shares

What is a Community Share?

The Community share gives you the opportunity to share your portfolio(s) with a group of peers.  There are two types of communities, Open and Restricted.

Public Communities
An Open community is one that is open for any Foliotek Presentation user to join and share portfolios.

Private Communities
Private communities are ones that have been set up for a specific purpose.  For instance, if you are using Foliotek Presentation as required by your school, your school has a community that is only available to other Foliotek users at your institution.  Private communities can also be created by instructors at a school for use by users in a particular course they teach.

Joining a Community

It's simple to join either community:

  • Enter the invite code given to you by the owner of the community (if you are a student, this will often be from your professor)
  • Click the 'Join Community' button
  • Click the 'Join' button next to where you entered your code

There are a few different ways to join a community. One way is through the ePortfolio manage page.


Sharing in Community ePortfolio manage page


If you click on the 'share in community' tab it will take you to another page where you can enter your invite code and join a community.


Entering Invite Code

You can also join a community from the 'Manage Communities' page. First click on the 'Communities-Manage Communities' icon.


Communities mange page

Once you click on the icon you will be taken to the page with all of the communities listed that you are a part of.  To join a community from here click on the plus sign icon next to 'Join Community'


Joining from Community Page

After you click 'Join Community' you will be taken to a page where you will enter the invite code for the community you are to be a part of.


Entering Invite code in communities page

After you enter the code and click join you will be taken back to the communities page where it lists the communities you are a part of. Your new community will be part of the group.


There are a few different ways to share your portfolio in a community. One way is on the ePortfolio edit page. The Community Share option can be accessed in the 'sharing' or 'community' drop downs.  It is labeled 'Share in Community'.


Sharing in a community

You can also share your portfolio in a community from the ePortfolio manage page.


Sharing in Community ePortfolio manage page

If you click on either one of those options you will be taken to this page. Once you select the community to share in click on the check mark and your portfolio will be shared in that community.


Selecting community to share in

You are now sharing that portfolio in a community.  All other Foliotek users in the community can now see your portfolio and provide you with feedback on it.

To remove your portfolio from that Community, click the 'perform actions in this community button'.


Performance Actions Icon


After you hce clicked on the 'Perform Actions in this Community' icon click on X to leave the community.


Leave Community

There is also another way to share your portfolio in a community. Go to the 'Communities-Manage Communities page'.


Sharing from communities manage


Once you click on the perform actions icon click on 'Portfolios shared in this community' (the book icon). When you click on the book icon another box will appear where you can click to add your portfolio.

Adding Portfolio

When you click on 'Add Portfolio' a drop down box will appear with a list of your portfolios to choose from.


Selecting Portfolio


After joining =communities, you can click on the 'perform actions in this community' button. Depending on how the community is set up, you can see what portfolios are shared in the commnity, see what projects are shared the community, and view the community as a whole.


Performing Actions


Leaving a Community

If, at any time, you wish to leave a community you have joined via an Invite Code, you can do so by clicking the 'perform actions in the community' button, then clicking the 'X' to leave the community.

Removing Communities


If you want to re-join that community click on the 'removed' tab. This shows a list of communities you have removed from your profile. To re-activate them click on the plus sign.


Re-activating community


A pop up box will appear asking if you are sure you want to do this. Click the check mark.


Re-Joining Community