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Sharing Pages

How Sharing Works

Shared pages are pages that have been made live and are now visible to someone who views your portfolio through a private, public, or community share.  You have the ability to control which pages are shared by clicking the Pages tab.


Pages 1


Sharing a Page

There are two places from which you can share a Draft page.  If you click on a page in the Draft pages list, you will see a 'share' link appear to the right of the page name.  Once you click on a Draft page, detailed information will appear in the center of the Pages area.  Next to "Shared Page:", you will see a red 'NO' if the page has not been shared and a green 'YES' if it has.  You can simply click the red 'NO' to share the page from here.  Notice there is also information on the last date upon which you shared this page. Pages that are a part of your template will automatically be saved. New pages, added by you will need to be set to be shared in your published version.


Live Pages 1


Once you share a page, it will be listed on the Live pages side, also.  You will see a link called 'unshare' appear next to the name in the Live pages list.  If, at any time, you want to remove this page from view, you can click 'unshare' or click the green 'YES' and turn it to 'NO'.


Live Pages 2


Saving the Changes

Once you have made the desired changes, be sure to click the 'Save' button in the upper right corner to keep the changes you have made.


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