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How can I change my Community Visibility settings?

Presentation communities have the ability to be set to Private, Public, or Moderator Only. This setting can be changed by going to the moderator community settings page and clicking on the drop down arrow under Community Visibility. From here you will have 3 options:

  1. Public - This will allow your community to be viewable by anyone with the URL. They will be able to view the community and any portfolios shared in the community.
  2. Moderator Only - This makes any shared portfolios in the community visible to the moderator only. This is a great option for course communities.
  3. Private - This option makes the community private, so that only those in the community can see it. Users in the community can still view other works in the community.


To change your Community Visibility, first click on the Moderator icon.

mod_iconNext, choose your community.

choose_commClick on the SETTINGS tab and then use the drop down under Community Visibility.


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