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Creating ePortfolio Templates

An ePortfolio template is a set of pre-defined pages that your community members can use to create their own ePortfolio.  Additional content can be added to the pages of your template to provide instructions or resources to community members.  It is important to note that the template you create will still allow members to control the design aspects and content of their ePortfolio.  The ePortfolio template only provisions the pre-defined pages of the ePortfolio.

How to create an ePortfolio template

First, you can create a new template or convert an existing portfolio to a template. To do either, first click on the Moderate Communities icon.

mod_iconNext, choose the community.

choose_commClick on the EPORTFOLIO TEMPLATES tab and click Add ePortfolio Template.add_portfolio_templateFrom here, either choose an existing ePortfolio or click Create ePortfolio.

choose_portfolio_templateCreating a new portfolio will take you through the ePortfolio creation process and then add it to the ePortfolio Templates page. Choosing an existing portfolio will add it to the ePortfolio Templates page.


Customizing the Template

From here, you can customize your templates using the Pencil icon listed under the template's name. Editing your template will be just like building an ePortfolio. Additionally, you can use the Eyeball icon to preview your template or the Trash icon to delete it. When you are ready, click on the Checkmark icon to publish your template so students can start using it.ePortfolio_templatesOnce you have finished editing your portfolio, be sure to save and then click Back to Templates in the upper left.


Once your template is published, students will be able to see your template in the Content Templates section when creating an ePortfolio.content_template_student

Making Changes to Templates

To edit your ePortfolio Template. Go back to the ePortfolio Templates tab in the Moderate Communities area. From there, find your template and click on the Pencil icon to edit.



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