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Prezi Gizmo

What is the Prezi Gizmo?

The Prezi Gizmo allows you to attach your Prezi presentations to your ePortfolio.  The presentation can play on your page or you may create a link to your presentation.  This is a gizmo found using the "Gizmo" tab on the tool bar.

Quick Instructions:

  • Click on the GIZMO tab
  • Click on the Prezi Gizmo
  • Click in your portfolio where you want your presentation to go
  • Enter the URL of the Prezi you would like to add.
  • Click "Add Prezi"

Adding the Prezi Gizmo

To add the Prezi Gizmo click "GIZMOS" then "PREZI".


Prezi Gizmo 1


Navigate to where you would like the gizmo to be placed and click again to "put it down."  The available places to put the prezi will be outlined in green.


Prezi Gizmo 2


You will then see a configuration box.  Insert the URL for your presentation in the "Prezi URL" box.  Click "OK" and you will then see a Prezi Presentation place holder.  To see how this presentation will look on your page, save your portfolio and click "View Draft" from the "preview" menu.


Prezi Gizmo 3

Editing the Prezi Gizmo

To edit the Prezi Gizmo, click on the place holder.  You will then see a bar pop up with a slider and options to switch to link, config, and remove.  The slider allows you to change the size of your presentation on your portfolio.  If you would like to convert your presentation preview into a link, click "switch to link".  To change the URL for your presentation, click "config".  If you want to completely remove your presentation from your portfolio, click the "remove" link.


Editing Prezi Gizmo