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Image Gizmo

What is the Image Gizmo?

Foliotek presentation allows you to add images to your portfolio a number of different ways.  One of these ways is using the IMAGE GIZMO.  This is a gizmo found using the "Gizmo" tab on the toolbar.

Quick Instructions:

  • Click on the GIZMO tab
  • Click on the Image Gizmo
  • Click in your portfolio where you want the image to go
  • Choose either an image you have already uploaded or a web image
  • Click "Add Image"


Image Gizmo 1


Using the Image Gizmo

You'll find the Image Gizmo located with the rest of the gizmos in the GIZMO tab on the standard content editor toolbar.

Once you find the Image Gizmo, click once on the gizmo to "pick it up."  There is no need to click and hold/drag the gizmo.  Clicking on it once will "pick it up."

Navigate to where you would like the gizmo to be placed and click again to "put it down."  The available places to put the image will be outlined in green.


Image Gizmo 2



Once you click to place the gizmo, you have the choice to either choose an image you want to place, or select an image from the web.  You can select between the two by choosing "Your Images" or "Web Images".


Selecting Your Image


Selecting Web Image


Once you finally click 'Add Image', the image will be placed in the exact place you clicked to place the gizmo.

The Placed Image


Now that the image has been put in place, you can edit the image using the Image Controls.  This will allow you to add borders, padding, and captions to your image.