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Create a Project

Step One

It's time to make your first project! You can start this from the Dashboard or Project management page. Click on the Plus icon to create a project.

Projects_New Dashboard

Step Two

Why are you creating this project? Is this a project for one of your courses or for personal use? If this is for personal use, keep on reading. If this project is for a community or course, click here!


Step Three

Click go and start the Project Overview Page. Here you will be able to edit the title, project overview page, add new pages, and customize your background.


More on Projects

Check out the links below for more information on customizing and mastering projects!

  1. Editing the Project Overview Page
  2. Adding new pages for your Project
  3. Uploading files, images, and other content
  4. Sharing your Project
  5. Adding your Project to an ePortfolio

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