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Adding Files in Projects

You can add files, images, links, embed code, and text to each page of your Project. You can choose one file, image, link, or embedded code per page, and add supporting text to any page. To add any content, click on the appropriate icon. In order, you have buttons for adding Files, Images, Links, Embedding, and Text.

proj_add_content_1Adding Files

Clicking on the Add Files button will bring out a sidebar on the left. Here you will have the options to select any files you have already uploaded to your account, upload new files, and add files from Google Drive. You can add images here, or using the Add Images icon.

Once you select or upload a file, it will display on your page. Most common file types will offer an online viewable version. This includes, but is not limited to, Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, PDFs, Power Points, common image file types, and common video file types. Any files that will not display online will offer a downloadable link. In this example, we used a Word document.


In addition to any file or other content, you can add text to the page by clicking on the Pencil icon. This will give you a page title section and a textbox to explain the importance of this page in relation to your Project. You can do this to any page with files, images, links, and embedded code.


Adding Images

To add an image to a Project, choose the 2nd icon. A sidebar will appear on the left side with any images you have already uploaded. You also have the ability to upload new files from here as well. Select an image to add it to a page.

proj_add_image_1Once you select an image, it will appear on your page. On the left, you have the options to crop/rotate the image. If you want to add text to accompany this page, use the Pencil icon to add text.


Adding Links

To add a link to your page, choose the 3rd icon for links. From there, you will have a window display that says Add External Resource. Enter your link in this box and then click the checkmark icon.

proj_add_link1After creating your link, you will see a box appear that says We're Working Hard... This means our system is going to your link to get a screenshot to display. At first, it will look like the image below.

proj_add_link2Users can still click on the link, but after a few moments, a screenshot of your link will appear. This will look like the image below. Users can click on it to view the link. You also have the ability to add text to this page by using the Pencil icon.


Embed Code

To add embedded code, you will first want to obtain the code. Then, use the 4th icon for embedding. A small window will pop up for you to paste your embedded code. Once you are done, click the checkmark to add your code.

proj_embed_1Once you have successfully added your embedded code, you will see it appear on the page. In the example, we embedded one of our Youtube videos. You can add text to accompany this page using the Pencil icon.


Adding Text

You can add text to any page using the Pencil icon. Text can be used to accompany a file, image, link, embedded code, or by itself.


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