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Live vs Draft

Know the Difference

Understanding the difference between Live and Draft pages is very important.  Basically, draft pages are pages you are working on that cannot be seen by anyone but you.  Live pages are ones you have shared and can be seen by anyone you share your portfolio with.  To see your Live and Draft pages, click on the Pages tab.

Pages 1Live Pages

Live pages are pages that have been shared with others.  The list of your Live pages appears on the right side of the Pages area.  Only these pages are visible to anyone with whom you have shared your portfolio.  In order to make pages "live" you must first share your portfolio privately, publicly, or in a community.  Once a portfolio has been shared, you must have at least one live page.  If you wish to remove all live pages, you must completely unshare your portfolio.


Live Pages 2Draft Pages

Draft pages are pages that have been created but are not yet being shared in your portfolio.  This is helpful when you begin working on a new page so you can keep it from view until you are finished with it.  The Draft pages appear in the list to the left of the Pages area. The Draft pages list contains any pages you have created, whether they are shared or not; it can even include pages you have deleted.

Draft Pages

In the Draft pages section, you can share a page you have created, copy an existing page, or delete pages.  When you are finished with a Draft page, remember to save it and then click merge changes to make it live.

Saving the Changes

Once you have made the desired changes, be sure to click the Save button in the upper right corner to keep the changes you have made.

Save pages

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