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Embed Gizmo

The EMBED GIZMO allows you to embed anything from any site. If a website offers an embed code, it can now be placed inside a portfolio.  This Gizmo is found using the Gizmos tab on the toolbar.

Quick Instructions:

  • Click on the GIZMOS tab
  • Click on the Embed Gizmo
  • Click in your portfolio where you want the content to go
  • Paste the Embed code that was copied from another website
  • Click the checkmark

Embed Gizmo 1

Using the Embed Gizmo

You'll find the Embed Gizmo located with the rest of the gizmos in the GIZMOS tab on the standard content editor toolbar.

Once you find the Embed Gizmo, click once on the gizmo to "pick it up."  There is no need to click and drag the gizmo.  Clicking on it once will "pick it up." Navigate to where you would like the gizmo to be placed and click again to "put it down."

Embed Gizmo Placement

Once you click to place the gizmo, you will be prompted to enter the code for the item you want to embed.  Paste the code that you copied from another website and click the checkmark.

embed gizmo

A placeholder for the embedded content will appear in the exact place you clicked to place the gizmo.  If you want to see what the content will look like when you share your portfolio with others, you will need to preview it.  Click the preview link in the top left corner and click View Draft.

Embed Gizmo 4

Editing/Removing the Embed Gizmo

If you want to edit the Embed code or remove the Embed Gizmo, double click on the Embed Gizmo Placeholder.  Two grey tabs will appear at the top of the placeholder.  Click config to edit the code (make sure to click OK to save your changes) or click remove to take out the Embed Gizmo.

Embed Gizmo 5

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