Blackboard Integration

Direct Menu Link

This option places a direct link in the left navigation menu.  After clicking the link, the user is taken to the area of Foliotek defined in the LTI custom parameters.

Blackboard Direct Student Link

Tool Provider and Placements

Setting up the Foliotek LTI Tool Provider

NOTE: Before starting this process, please contact your Foliotek consultant to get the key and secret for your organization along with any custom parameters.

First the LTI Building Block must be created which tells Blackboard how to access Foliotek's LTI tool.

Follow these steps:

Click on Building Blocks on the right side of the Blackboard System Admin screen.

Blackboard Building Blocks Area


Next, Select LTI Tool Providers.

Blackboard LTI Tool Providers


If you have not registered the Foliotek domain with Blackboard, click on the Register Provider Domain button.

If you have already registered the domain, skip to the Managing Placements instructions below.

Blackboard Register Provider Domain


Fill out the information as follows:

  • Provider Domain:
  • Provider Domain Status:  Approved
  • Secondary Host Names:
  • Default Configuration:  Set separately for each link
  • Send User Data:  Send user data over any connection
  • User Fields to Send:  check all 3 boxes
  • Show User Acknowledgement Message: No

Then, click submit to register the domain.

Blackboard Provider Requirements



Managing Placements

Hover over the '' Domain and click the arrow button that appears.  In the dropdown menu, click on Manage Placements.


Blackboard Manage Placements



Click on the Create Placement button to create a new placement. To edit an existing placement, hover over the placement name, click the arrow that appears, and select Edit from the dropdown menu.


Blackboard Add a Placement


Fill out the information to complete the placement:

  • Label:  this will be the link name in the course, so name it accordingly, i.e.  Foliotek Portfolios, Foliotek Evaluations ...
  • Description: it's best to LEAVE THIS AREA BLANK as some content has the potential to break the code.
  • Handle:  give it a unique name (most choose to use the same name as the label)
  • Availability:  this preference is up to you.
  • Type: Student Tool
  • Launch in New Window:  for best results, select this option.
  • Browse for Icon: not necessary unless your organization uses icons.
  • Tool Provider URL:
  • Tool Provider Key:  contact your Foliotek consultant for this information.
  • Tool Provider Secret:  contact your Foliotek consultant for this information.
  • Tool Provider Custom Parameters: contact your Foliotek consultant for this information.


Click the submit button to create the placement.


Blackboard Tool Placement Requirements



Placing the link in Student and Faculty Accounts

Direct Menu Link

This link is placed in the student account from the Course Settings area. This is found in the course settings area on the System Admin Screen. Once there, click on Course Menu and Structures.

Blackboard Course Menu Settings


Next, hover over the + above the current menu items.  When the dropdown opens, click on Tool Link.


Blackboard Default Menu Link


Enter the following information:

  • Name: Be specific, like Foliotek Portfolios or Foliotek Dashboard, so the student knows exactly where the link goes.
  • Type: open the dropdown and select the particular Student Tool you wish to link to.
  • Available to Users: Check the box
  • Click the Submit button.
  • Enable Course Structures: This is determined by your organization's use of Blackboard.
  • This process will only add the direct link to new courses that are created after this set up is complete.

Blackboard Add Default Tool Link


If you have any questions about setting up LTI links in Blackboard or need further assistance, contact your Foliotek consultant or our Support team at 888.365.4639, option 2.